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    How to Reduce Stress While Trying to Get Pregnant

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    The struggle is real, when we are trying to conceive, and nothing is happening positive. But, do you know, what could be the factor that is causing problem is getting pregnant? Stress! Yes, 1 out of 6 couples face difficulty in getting pregnant. It is hard not to get stressed even after seeing negative results month after month. This lets us to feel disappointed, depressed, angry, guilty and stressed out. There is an emotional roller coaster, going on every time. However, stress is the main problem behind the changing of women’s hormones and the fertility tests results that show up negative. You know what, stress could delay your ovulation and increase the frequency of uterine contractions, and this prevents a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus. So, it is important not to be stressed out. Here are some of the ways:

    1. Reach out to a friend: De-stress yourself by talking to your friend or going out with them. Friends are the people who motivate us and encourage us more to cope up with the situation. Pick your friend who’s a good listener but won’t let you mope around or wallow.
    2. Practice breathing: Yoga and other breathing exercises are helpful in reducing the stress. Breathing is helpful to soothe your knotted nerves. Try taking deep, smooth breaths and also stretch your neck muscles. Consult an expert if you want to
    3. Go out dancing: We cannot overcome overthinking and the best way to take this out of mind is getting engaged in something. The best way is to go out and do things which you like. And, insist yourself because you won't be feeling like doing so. Take your tensions on dance floor and swipe out your stress by walking on the beach.

    These are some of the ways to keep yourself calm and de-stress yourself. If you have some other do share with us.

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