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    Pregnancy Yoga - What You Need to Know

    Blog by Vidhi

    Are you an expectant mum, wondering whether yoga is a safe option during pregnancy? 

    What benefits does it have? 

    What precautions must you keep in mind before chalking out a yoga workout routine? 

    Here’s the lowdown…

    What Pregnancy Yoga Is?

    Similar to traditional yoga, pregnancy yoga uses breathing techniques and physical exercises — different body postures —to manage both mind and body. However, certain postures are done with minor modifications, as not every yoga posture is safe during this time. Because during pregnancy, it is essential to take proper care of the body. 

    That's why pregnant women are not allowed to even twist, lie on the back, do inversions, bend their backs, etc., as they can significantly impact the growing baby in the womb. It includes gentle stretches, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to promote physical and emotional well-being during pregnancy. Yoga during Pregnancy helps ease pregnancy discomfort, reduce stress and prepare women for labor and motherhood.

    FOUR Most Commonly Asked Questions About Pregnancy Yoga Classes

    Is Pregnancy Yoga Safe?

    As per the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, modified yoga is safe for pregnant women. However, there are many types of yoga to avoid. One example is hot yoga, as extreme heat could be dangerous to your neural tube. Bending, lying down on your stomach, and twisting are the poses to skip during your yoga workout. These movements can put off your balance, and increase the risk of falling. And, finally, do try any pose that puts a lot of pressure on and around the abdomen area. 

    When Should I Start Yoga in Pregnancy?

    It is highly advisable to consult your doctor before enrolling for prenatal yoga online classes. Make sure that there is no reason to avoid it. Certain reasons could increase the risk of preterm birth or in case, you have a certain medical condition. However pregnancy yoga can be started from 12th week onwards. Upper body yoga and meditation can be started from 8th week onwards.

    What Should I Wear for Pregnancy Yoga?

    You should wear loose-fitted, comfortable clothes that let you do all the moments easily, without squashing your tummy. Long-line maternity tops are best to wear as they hide the bump and are comfortable to wear.

    What Are Signs I Should Stop Doing Pregnancy Yoga?

    If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms you should stop yoga right away:

    ● Fluid leaking from the vagina 

    ● Feeling light-headed, dizziness, or shortness of breath.

    ● Calf pain or swelling.

    ● If you are having belly cramps and backaches. 

    ● Or any medical complication indicated by your gynecologist

    Do you have anything to add, do share your personal experience of doing pregnancy yoga with us via the below comment section. 

    What Are the Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga Online Classes?

    Does yoga help with pregnancy? The answer is yes. It helps to keep the body flexible, in good shape, and strong. 

    Several studies revealed that pregnancy yoga Classes plays an integral role in improving sleep quality, improve body flexibility and strength, reducing anxiety, stress, and depression—which is quite common during this time—and, additionally, helping with pregnancy back pain and nausea. There is also a social benefit, which is meeting and interacting with other mums-to-be.

    Our specialized program offers expectant mothers worldwide the best guidance from seasoned instructors, ensuring safety and well-being throughout every session. Join our community of mothers-to-be, spanning across the globe, including the USA and Canada, as we embrace the beauty of pregnancy through gentle, nurturing postures of yoga.

    Final Thought

    During pregnancy, the body experiences several changes, which can lead to stress both physically and mentally. However, pregnancy yoga can help alleviate these changes by keeping you fit, flexible, and mentally strong.

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