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    Trying to Get Pregnant? how Back Pain Could Affect It?

    Back pain is a common during pregnancy, but do you know it can affect a women of child bearing age. Most of the women report lower back pain at some point in their lives and not only during pregnancy alone. Back pain is very common and is reported 50–80% of women. Well, it is common in pregnancy that a women has a discomfort of back pain. However, women with sedentary lifestyle are on the increased risk too. Back pain is noted in these women as compared to the people who engage in a more active lifestyle.

    Talking about back pain in women who are not pregnant it may resolve on its own, or can continue to be problematic. Now the question arises, does back pain affect our chances of conceiving? Well, the cause due to which your back pain exists can help you determine whether you want to get pregnant. It is important to identify if there are any potential problems which may increase the pain or threaten your pregnancy.

    If the back pain is severe, you can take the help of a physician to get it controlled. However, if it is a case of not being able to conceive because of the back pain, there are certain measures which can be tried. Some of them includes quitting smoking and alcohol, giving up drugs, and altering other potentially negative lifestyle habits. Some of the other things, which could be tried include changing the sex position. If you are not comfortable in some positions, ask your partner to change it. There are different sexual positions, which could be tried to conceive. Like trying missionary position could make a difference in some borderline cases. 

    Back pain is a serious problem and should be cured immediately with fitness expert consultation. It may or may not affect your chances of getting pregnant, but it will increase the risk in future. So, adopt a healthy lifestyle and stay happy!

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