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    Pre-pregnancy Health: Diet & Lifestyle Tips

    Following a healthy pre-pregnancy diet and lifestyle is mandatory when you are ready to start a family. This will lead to an increase in your fertility and will also prepare you for a healthy pregnancy. There is a lot of information available on the internet regarding pre-pregnancy diet and lifestyle, and you may find yourself confused and overwhelmed with the information overload. To simplify things for you, we share top pre-pregnancy diet and lifestyle tips in this article

    Eat a wholesome, pre-pregnancy diet

    Lifestyle and diet choices affect your fertility significantly. Before and during pregnancy, it is important that you eat well and develop healthy habits. Women adhering to a combination of different lifestyle factors are at a lower risk of ovulatory disorder infertility, studies have shown. Some of the essential tips include increasing the amount of good fats in your diet, limiting foods containing trans fats, choosing low glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) carbohydrates, eating more vegetarian sources of iron, and choosing full-fat dairy.

    Achieving/maintaining a healthy body weight

    The body gets stressed if you are overweight or underweight. Hormone production gets disturbed, normal menstrual cycles get interrupted, and ovulation and fertility get impaired because of that. Women, who are obese or overweight, take a longer time to conceive. Moreover, the risk of miscarriage is higher for them than for normal-weight women.

    Fertility is improved if you lose weight before getting pregnant. The risk of pregnancy complications also gets reduced. Such complications include the following:

    ·        Preterm birth

    ·        Gestational diabetes

    ·        Preeclampsia (very high blood pressure during pregnancy)

    ·        Birth defects

    In general, fertility treatment is more successful among women who are fit and healthy. It is observed that a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 20 to 24 is the best weight range for fertility.

     Have an active lifestyle

    If you are trying to get fit and healthy for pregnancy, then the moderate physical activity is very helpful. Your chances of conceiving are improved if you add any physical activity to your daily routine. Your metabolism is increased and your reproductive system is optimised by exercising regularly. The endocrine glands are stimulated with physical activities and thus, such hormones are released that help in egg production and maturation. An additional advantage of exercise is stress reduction, and it is very helpful for fertility.

    On the other hand, so much vigorous activity done by underweight or normal-weight women may lead to an increase in the time taken for conceiving. It can result in a decrease in the production of those hormones that stimulate ovarian function. Thus, egg production and fertility can get affected. However, if you switch from vigorous to moderate exercise, your fertility may get increased and you get the desired results fast.

    Fertility and a healthy pregnancy are affected by too much or too little exercise. So you have to find the right balance for the optimization of your reproductive function. Nearly one hour of moderate physical activity is recommended for a healthy pre-pregnancy.  

    Take a high-quality preconception prenatal vitamin

    As soon as you begin trying to conceive, start taking a good preconception prenatal vitamin. Women require different vitamins while trying to conceive than when they are pregnant. A complete range of nutrients including folate, choline, iodine, iron, and vitamin D should be provided by a preconception vitamin. A normal level of Vitamin D is vital for fertility and healthy pregnancy. 

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