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    Health Screening

    Health screening is a very important part of being healthy. There are numerous diseases that can take a lot of time to show up their effect on the body in terms of symptoms but inside the body, they cause changes that can be caught at an early stage through screening.

    The female body is a lot more prone to many disorders and every female should regularly undergo screening tests. 

    Different types of screening to perform beyond 45:


    1. Diabetes Screening
    2. Hypertension
    3. Cholesterol Screening
    4. Osteoporosis Screening
    5. Cancer Screening

    Female body undergoes various changes till the time they reaches 45, these changes may cause various health concerns like anemia, hormonal changes, hypertension, diabetes, loss of calcium etc. These concerns must not be ignored and every woman beyond 40 is advised to undergo the following screening tests: 

    Diabetes screening: A simple blood glucose test can evaluate the blood sugar levels. 

    Hypertension: Regular BP monitoring helps in tracking changes in BP. It also helps in regulating hypertension treatment. 

    Cholesterol screening: Cholesterol screening can be done by a blood test and may help to prevent heart diseases. 

    Osteoporosis screening: A bone density exam after menopause is a must as the bone density decreases due to the decrease in the hormone estrogen and chances of osteoporosis are high.

    Cancer screening test: There are certain cancers that can be screened like cervical cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, etc. So, routine cancer screening should be adopted for these cancers to stay alert about any body changes. 

    Breast cancer screening: A regular mammogram is the best breast cancer test that can help in early detection of breast changes that may cause breast cancer. 

    PAP smear: PAP smear is a diagnostic as well as screening cancer test for cervical cancer.

    BRCA testing: BRCA gene test is a blood test for cancer that analyses DNA for identification of changes (mutations) in either one of the two genes that are susceptible for breast cancer— BRCA1 and BRCA2. It may also help in evaluating the risk of ovarian cancer. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Female body undergoes various changes till the time it reaches 50 years of life. Screening tests help in finding out those changes in the body that may further lead to some harmful diseases. It is a win-win situation to find out changes at an early stage and manage them easily. So, undergo routine health screening and stay healthy. 

    It depends upon age and risk factors. In general, every female in her 20’s or 30’s should undergo breast screening in one to three years and then every year once they turn 40. 

    • Stay active
    • Eat a well-balanced diet
    • Add more fruits and green vegetables in your diet
    • Exercise regularly
    • Include milk products in your diet
    • Undergo regular blood glucose screening test for diabetes 
    • Monitor your BP regularly

    Persistent urinary tract infection that does not go even with treatment or comes back, again and again, can be a signal for bladder cancer. You are advised to visit a doctor and undergo a thorough examination to find out any possible cause of recurrent UTI. 

    I am a 48 year old woman. Which food should I take to avoid any health issues?

    • Avocados
    • Beans
    • Berries, Oranges, Apples, Bananas and other seasonal fresh fruits
    • Broccoli, Spinach and other green vegetables
    • Dark chocolate
    • Eggs
    • Fish 
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Garlic
    • Milk and milk products