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    Every woman undergoes a series of physical changes, emotional outbursts, and raging hormones during pregnancy. A pregnant woman needs support from her husband during these tough but exciting days. Husband’s or spouse’s support during pregnancy can ease all the anxiety and tension of the pregnant woman. It also strengthens the bond between the couple and prepares them to welcome their child. 

    Dads Health 

    Though pregnancy is carried by females, males are equally responsible for conception. Only a healthy female can produce healthy babies. So the health of dads is equally important. Here are a few things males should do for preparing to get pregnant: 

    • At least five portions of diverse fruit and vegetables
    • Include whole grains and potatoes in meals for fibre and carbohydrates
    • Protein should be included in every meal like lean meat and fish, pulses, eggs, beans, and lentils
    • Take low-fat dairy products, such as semi-skimmed milk, yogurt, and cheese
    • Take a multivitamin
    • Also, stay stress-free 
    • Exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy

    Pregnancy Tips for Men:

    In addition to eating healthily, would-be dads should also live a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few lifestyle guidelines or pregnancy tips for men: 

    Parenting classes and support (Tips)

    If you wish to learn and succeed in the art of child raising, parenting classes are a must for you. Both the parents should attend parenting classes as these can help you in: 

    • Mastering the basics like feeding, changing nappies, bathing, etc. 
    • Learning about parenting best practices from experts 
    • Solving all your queries related to childbirth and child upbringing
    • Learning ways to get more involved in your child’s learning experience
    • Gaining confidence
    • Boosting your psychological and emotional strength
    • Developing a social and support network of expecting couples

    Parenting classes can provide you a much-required skill set and help decrease your feelings of anxiety. You will gain confidence and will be able to welcome your baby with open arms. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Support her throughout pregnancy and in childbirth

    • Let her rest
    • Understand her food cravings and aversions
    • Listen to her patiently and console her
    • Attend her doctor’s appointments with her
    • Plan for the future together
    • Pamper her
    • Attend parenting classes with her
    • Soothe her during labor

    Dos for men to keep in mind when trying to conceive

    • Eat and sleep well
    • Effectively managing chronic medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes
    • Include fertility foods for men in the diet
    • Take a multivitamin
    • Exercise regularly
    • Go for preconception counselling

    Don'ts for men to keep in mind when trying to conceive

    • Avoid caffeine & alcohol
    • Replace butter or margarine (high in fats and hydrogenated oils) with healthier options like olive oil
    • Avoid soy and soy foods
    • Quit smoking
    • Do not take any medicine without a prescription
    • Stay away from heat
    • Be stress-free