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    Working Women Prone to Lifestyle Diseases Beyond 45

    The other day I was watching TV with my mother and suddenly, the MOOV advertisment appeared. That over-dramatic cry ‘Ahh!’ when the woman lifts a heavy object made us laugh (very cheeky it is). The next day when I came home, I found my mother who is a working woman-cum-housewife (the new cool) crying similarly like that woman. She also complained of numbness and tingling in her hands. I decided to get her tested. Thankfully, it was all negative except elevated glucose and cholesterol.

    This made me realise how lifestyle diseases are becoming the slow-killers in working women. 

    Women, who have been imbibed with the idea of nurturing others, often neglect themselves in the process. Their own physical and emotional needs are never satisfied. While they pack healthy food for their kids and spouse, they themselves gorge on unhealthy stuff at work. 

    While young, such habits don’t seem to affect but as a woman reaches 40s and the body loses that strength and hormones are upside-down, the affect is evident. Lifestyle diseases due to unhealthy eating habits, skipping breakfast, not consuming milk products, consuming high sugar and fried foods, no time to exercise, consuming less water, not sleeping adequately manifest themselves as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, coronary artery disease, thyroid issues, obesity, low bone density among others.

    We really need to prioritize ourselves in order to prevent it all. Instead of grabbing that white bread in the breakfast, make 2-min oats. Instead of drinking that aerated drink, take fresh fruit juice (not packed one). Replace white flour as it has zero nutritional value with healthier substitutes like millet flour, amaranth flour etc. Don’t compromise on your beauty sleep and exercise for 30min a day. Drink at least 3L of water every day. Also, get yearly full body check-ups.

    If you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to love anyone around.

    Treat yourself. You are a queen, slay!

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