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    Depression: What You Need to Know as You Age

    Have we all not considered ourselves lucky to have spotted a rainbow after rains and admired its beauty? It fills us with happiness, hope and positivity. Women are designed like that too. They are always the rainbow in someone’s cloud. 

    But there is no rainbow without the rain. Similarly, women are no colours without the pain (wow, that rhymes man!)

    The life of a woman is a roller-coaster ride she didn’t ask for. The hormones from the age of 10 to 50 can really give thrills (quite literally too) and can even leave us suffering, especially towards the age of menopause. It is also the age when women tend to suffer from a lot of stress as they are juggling between the roles of a daughter, sister, wife, mother, working woman. This may lead to a serious condition like depression in worst cases. 

    According to a study, the prevalence of depression is more in women than men. This can be hormonal, situational, environmental, related to abuse in the past or due to extreme stress while juggling between so much.

    Depression can be defined as a state of mind where a person loses his will to do daily life activities that were pleasurable earlier, has concentrating and memory issues, has severe mood changes with more ‘lows’, lost appetite, insomnia or hypersomnia etc. It can be categorised into Major, Minor, postpartum depression and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (latter two exclusive to women). 

    We all enjoyed watching Dear Zindagi, but did we learn what it was meant to convey? It taught us women to be strong and not afraid to acknowledge the symptoms mentioned above and seek medical help. Talking about your feelings to friends or a medical professional can aid in reducing negativity, anxiety, despair and increase self-worth. Undergoing psycho-therapy sessions and using prescribed anti-depressant medications has high success rate. 

    Don’t keep your feelings locked. Stay busy, stay fit. Try meditating. Love your zindagi. Spread colours, be the rainbow!

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