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    Sexual Intimacy Doen't Stop as You Age

    When Lord Ganesha in the bedtime story circles around his parents, declaring them as his ‘world’, we are filled with respect for our counterparts (well, K3G taught us, it is all about loving your parents, right?) Not wrong, but this somehow causes us to put our parents on a pedestal where we forget that they are humans too. We become unforgiving to their mistakes, their karmic needs and a lot of things. And yes, how dare our ‘aged’ parents involve in sexual intimacy? I mean after me, my brother/sister, what is the need? But here comes my point.

    Humans, among all other mammals, are superior in their ability to breed at any time of the season, irrespective of the age factor. Hence, elderly people, irrespective of the age can still have that spark and sexual intimacy. Remember the so-real, acclaimed movie Badhaai Ho? 

    By ‘breeding’ I am not endorsing the idea of having multiple children (I mean, that’s a personal choice, otherwise I am good with bachche, do hi achche adage for an over-populated country like ours) but sexual intimacy between a couple should definitely not die out with age. Scientifically, sex has been proven to improve mental health, burst stress, increase longevity, solidify relationships, build confidence etc. even in elderly couples. It releases happy hormones called endorphins and oxytocin.


    Yes, some couples may feel embarrassed about what will others say or due to their own ‘performance in bed’ issues, but with all those years of experience with your partner, it will still be an intimate and lovely affair. All you need is to let go of prior expectations. Experiment and embrace the fact that it may not be the same as it was in your 20s but still worth it. Communicate with your partner and stop feeling ashamed about a need as basic as sex. 

    Love and be loved ladies!

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