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    Work life balance

    Marriage is an extremely crucial phase of every couple’s life. After marriage, a woman is under more pressure in comparison to their male partner to fulfill the checklist of an ideal wife, good daughter-in-law, or a good sister-in-law. 

    Along with this, she is also required to fulfill her professional responsibilities at the office. Though males are less under pressure, their life also changes after marriage due to new responsibilities and demands. 

    So, a just married couple will face following work-life balance challenges:

    • A couple spend less time with each other due to professional requirements
    • They cannot talk and develop a communication gap between them
    • Professional life stress takes a toll on them
    • Difficulty in managing home 

    Also, the desk jobs, sedentary lifestyles, lack of balanced diet, absence of physical workout are all responsible for so many health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, amongst a large proportion of our population. 

    Life-work balance tips (how to manage stress, sex, and society)

    It is crucial to achieve and maintain a work-life balance for success in personal and professional goals. Here are a few tips to attain life-work balance:

    • Keep personal and professional life separate
    • Take out some “WE” time from your busy schedule and spend with each other
    • Inculcate yoga, meditation, and exercise in your daily routine to manage work stress
    • Plan for holidays on weekends
    • Share household chores and enjoy togetherness
    • Enjoy sex whenever you want
    • Do not take office work or stress to the home 
    • Plan and follow it
    • Eat a balanced diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals
    • Sleep for 8-9 hours for both mental and physical health
    • Exercise together
    • Do not listen to everyone and take decisions appropriately

    Nutrition & Diet check

    Nutrition is the most important aspect of the human diet. Whatever we eat, affects our body. It can be a positive effect if we eat a well-balanced diet enriched with nutrients or it can be a negative effect if we eat a diet that lacks nutrition. Not only body, diet and nutrition also affect the mind and soul of a person. 

    A well-nourished body will have a peaceful mind and soul while an undernourished body will have many mental problems, especially stress when you are working professional. When a person has to manage personal and professional life together, nutrition suffers and when one is malnourished, stress is bound to happen.

    More importantly, diet and nutrition are more affected in females. Women are biologically different from a man and their bodies need apt nutrition to perform the additional task of releasing eggs during the menstrual cycle every month. In the case of malnourishment or stress or both, they suffer from various women's health issues.

    The most common problem in women is anemia due to lack of iron in the diet, low HB levels, too much stress or work pressure. All these can also disturb the menstrual cycle of a lady; at times increasing or decreasing the duration of the cycle. In some cases, ladies miss out on their monthly cycles. Undernourishment can also cause fertility issues, pregnancy-related problems, etc. 

    So, women should take care of their diet and nutrition facts to keep up to her personal, and professional lifestyle balanced.

    Diet and health tips

    • Eat a well-balanced diet with nutrition food
    • Take more fruits and green veggies to add nutritional value to the diet
    • Eat 5 meals in a day and choose a good nutrition food list
    • Choose whole grains
    • Take brown rice instead of white
    • Choose lean proteins like beans, legumes, fish, and poultry
    • Cut down on sugar, processed foods, salt, and saturated fat
    • Have dairy or dairy alternatives like soya
    • Choose unsaturated oils and spreads
    • Exercise everyday
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Sleep for 8 hours
    • Enjoy half an hour afternoon nap
    • Visit your doctor and get regular checkups
    • Do not take the stress
    • Don't smoke
    • Avoid or limit alcohol
    • Take medications as prescribed by your doctor
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Congratulations on your new journey. Please follow our life work balance tips and enjoy life. 

    Marriage is the start of a new phase of your life. Joint or nuclear family have their own pros and cons. Since you are married in a joint family, there can be lots of household chores. But you also need to take some time from chores and dedicate it to your husband. You can also ask your husband to help you or look for a house-maid to assist you. Take some tips from your elders and you will surely succeed.

    Having a baby or starting a family is your personal decision as a couple. They may suggest you do it but it should be your decision as a couple and both of you should be ready to take up this new responsibility. So, take your time and take the decision appropriately.

    This is a common problem and many women complaint of increased weight gain after marriage. This can be due to change in lifestyle, hormonal changes, weakened immune system or unhealthy eating habits. So first, you should look for the cause of your weight gain and manage it accordingly. Follow the healthy diet and nutrition tips mentioned above. If these do not help, consult a doctor and get yourself checked for a possible cause of weight gain.

    Skipping breakfast for any reason is not good. Although professional responsibilities weigh more than health for most of the people these days but ignoring health can give long-term complications. You are advised to change your routine and have a light early dinner. In the morning, start your day with a healthy breakfast that will give you the required energy to fulfill all the tasks with ease.

    Delhi is a polluted city and pollution can be the reason for your frequent cold and fever. A change in the environment greatly affects the body and your immune system must have also been affected. So, give the best nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for yourself and follow our health tips. If still, the problem persists, please visit a doctor and get yourself thoroughly checked.