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    Going Mad in Perimenopause? Signs and Solutions

    Admit it or not, but on some days of our lives, we ladies have lamented about being a woman. It may be due to the sacrifices we make or about menses every month or the difficulty around childbirth. We have questions as to ‘Why us?’. 

    The power of genesis was gifted to us since the beginning of time. Humans have been perennial to perpetuate their existence and women have the key role to play. We are the life-givers and menstruation is pivotal to that. 

    Biologically, by the age of 10, we start menstruating and by 45-50, menopause occurs, thus culminating the fertility period. However, by the age of 40, something called as Perimenopause strikes. Wondering what’s that? Let’s find out.

    It is believed that the number forty is a symbol of female fertility as the number is the first sign of pregnancy (No periods for 40 days means pregnancy). But turning 40 also means hitting perimenopause. 

    It is 4-5 years starting from late 30s to early 40s when the body starts producing less oestrogen, thereby indicating that a woman is about to reach menopause, post which she will be no longer fertile. We often find our husbands or boyfriends complaining about how moody we get while menstruating. Basically, it is hormones. Perimenopause is no different. Its symptoms include mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, decreased libido, irregular periods, tiredness, gradual decrease in bone density etc. 

    While all this is natural, maintaining a balanced diet and consuming more of milk products, undergoing regular medical check-ups, consuming multivitamin, calcium and oestrogen supplements can help deal with the phase. Also, staying fit through exercises and meditating for inner peace can aid in combating these symptoms.

    Don’t (perimeno) pause. Swing with the mood swings, ladies!

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