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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage detail

    At week 4, implantation occurs in the inner wall of the uterus and thick mucus close the cervix. Your little embryo has two layers of cells known as the hypoblast and epiblast. Soon they will grow into all your baby’s body parts and systems. Before the formation of placenta, there will be a yolk sac which will help to produce blood and to nourish your itty-bitty embryo.  

    Pregnancy Symptoms

    Your uterus and fertilized egg are coming in contact of each other for implantation of fertilized egg this week. This can come up with some of the pregnancy symptoms such as:- 

    • Implantation bleeding: Spotting occurs as an early sign of pregnancy and basically happens when fertilize egg pierce the uterus wall to get attached inner lining i.Don’t misunderstood this symptom from menstruation as you may feel it same. This symptom is totally normal and usually don’t need any medical treatment until the bleeding exceeds.  
    • Nausea: If we talk about nausea, it is a very uncomfortable feeling throughout the pregnancy, but it doesn’t harm you and your baby. Women with severe nausea have higher HCG level.  
    • Missed Period: Now as you have missed your period, it’s finally a celebration time! Your little munchkin going to arrive soon in your arms.  

    Exercise and Physical Activities

    • If you are feeling sluggish, try some effective and mild exercises which can give you a much needed boost of energy.  
    • If you were doing any activity before pregnancy it is safe to continue in the first trimester.  
    • For vigorous exercises, you must consult your doctor or check out with pregnancy exercise service provider/therapist for better information.  

    Things to do this week 

    • Confirm your pregnancy with pregnancy home test. 
    • It’s a right time to fix an appointment with the Gynecologist . 
    • iron 
    • Start a calcium supplement if you fail to add calcium in your diet, otherwise your baby will start taking it from your bones. You can consume calcium through yogurt, cereals, calcium-fortified juices and hard cheese. 
    • This is the best time to visit a nutritionist, S/he will ensure a good diet throughout pregnancy and will help you in maintaining recommended pregnancy weight without compromising nutrition.