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    Strategies to Boost Your Cognitive Health and Fight Brain Aging

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    “The human brain is probably one of the most complex single objects on the face of the earth, I think it is, quite honestly”. - Bill Viola

    As a kid, the human brain fascinated me. It performs complex, ambiguously understood functions like thinking, reasoning, analysis, learning, remembering etc. All these are collectively called as cognition functions.

    Cognition is defined on the net as ‘the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. These include sensation and perception, attention, memory, intelligence, thought, language etc. 

    Ever wondered how are we able to add 2 numbers or how you smelled something burning instinctively while being engrossed in TV? Or how Mowgly learnt the language of the wolves despite being born a human? It is all because of the cognitive abilities of the brain. 

    However, as we age, these abilities may diminish and some cognitive abilities like reasoning, calculation, memory decrease. But as per a Neuroscience research, the branching of dendrites in the brain increases with age aiding in solidifying connections between distant brain areas. This aids one to become better at gathering the whole picture in one perspective. Perhaps this is the foundation of wisdom. 

    But some diseases in elderly like Alzheimer's and dementia impair cognitive abilities. Old age woes like taking medications, poor vision and hearing, sleep deprivation, or other impairments like depression and anxiety also interfere with cognitive ability.

    It is true that you can't stop the aging process, but you can strengthen your cognitive abilities in the following ways:

    • An idle mind is a devil's workshop. So, tease your brain. Keep sharpening your abilities with puzzles even in your 50s-60s. Help your kids/grandkids with their homework / science projects. 
    • Empower your brain with foods like nuts, dark chocolates, citrus fruits, eggs.
    • Avoid smoking, consuming alcohol or marijuana as they decrease memory.
    • Exercise under the guidance of expert
    • Stay happy and positive. Meditate

    Age like fine wine!

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