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    Can Pelvic Floor Exercises Improve Your Sex Life?

    A woman, married or unmarried, is in-charge of her own sexuality and sexual experiences. While there may be so-called marketing strategies for men, promising them a better erection via pills and tonics (do they even work? I doubt), thankfully no such thing has ben invented for women. God save us all!

    While there may not be a medicine for women for it, there may be a few exercises that help in a better sexual experience. We all know how exercising is good for both mind and body. Some exercises called pelvic-floor exercises or Kegel exercises can aid in a better sexual encounter. Yes, it is true as per research.

    Pelvic muscles are the ones that keep the bladder, rectum and uterus(vagina) in place and functioning. A control over these muscles via Kegel exercises helps in:

    • Managing urinary incontinence, leaking, voiding issues.
    • Improving better blood circulation in the area, thereby allowing a better sexual arousal, sustaining sexual sensations with increased ability to steer your climaxing.
    • Alleviating pain during penetration by increasing lubrication.
    • Aiding patients with uterine/vaginal prolapse.

    Performing these exercises is not difficult but it is important to do under the guidance of exercise expert. One has to lie in a comfortable position on the back and inhale. This relaxes the pelvic floor muscles. Once you start to exhale, perform contracting your pelvic muscles for about 5 seconds. (These are the same muscles you contract while trying to control an urge to pee, so you already know how to contract them). Repeat such inhalation and exhalation with simultaneous contraction of the muscles for about 10 min daily, with allowing about 10 seconds between each contraction and relaxation. Perform this exercise on an empty bladder. 

    These exercises should not be painful. If they are, either you are doing them wrong or you need medical intervention. Also, avoid using your abdomen, legs in the cycles of contraction and relaxation.

    Know your body better, ladies!

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