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    Newly Married Couples: What Are the Problems that Come in Intercourse?

    Are you a newly married couple? Worried you are not thinking about sex all the time? Well, don't be! It is not always necessary that sex should be incredible and mind-blowing, just because you're newly married. Being a newly-wed couple, there may be a lot of pressure that is placed on having the sex. Sometimes, newly-wed couples feel like if they are not doing it every hour, they are putting the Kamasutra to shame. However, there is nothing to worry about it and there is nothing wrong with your relationship. The truth is, it's not always lusty, mind-blowing, incredible orgasms that can happen right after a wedding.

    Just because you have read so much about intercourse in books, it doesn't mean you've mastered every technique of it or your sex life could suddenly intensify. If you are among the couples who are facing sexual problems and are worried, don't be. We understand that there are certain common problems that a newly-wed couple may experience when it comes to sex. Below mentioned are some of the common intercourse problems and how you can get around them!

    1. Real or apparent rejection: Consummating the marriage is difficult when one person makes effort and other may not directly decline advances, rather not show much passion and interest. There are certain reasons behind another person's non-interest. But, this kind of passive response makes the other person feel rejected.
    2. Mismatched sex drives: The most common intercourse problem is related to physical intimacy. Partners generally have mismatched sex drives. Because it takes a two-pronged approach, sex becomes a problem.
    3. Not performing up to expectations: Expectations from the partner can become a problem in intercourse. Suppose one loves oral sex, but other is not interested may feel disappointed and angry. Valuing your partner's choices can solve the problem.
    4. Physical and psychological changes: Intercourse problems in newly-wed couples could be due to physical and psychological causes. Sexual disorder or dysfunction can happen due to low production of hormones. Here you need to understand your partner and have empathy for each other to sail through the troubled waters.
    5. Ejaculation dysfunction and Vaginal dryness: Few problems are difficult to share especially when it is the first year of marriage. ED and vaginal dryness are few of them. The solution to this is talk to your partner and take a consultation, if required.

    Intercourse problem is a real issue that should be confronted. We have listed some, which you can try to avoid. Else, taking a suggestion from expert is always suggested.

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