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    Weight Gain After Marriage: Reasons & Solutions

    A wedding is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. All the preparation-to look good, lean and gorgeous in all the photos, women buy expensive clothes, hit the salon and gym as soon as their wedding date is finalized. So much effort for the D-day!

    But what happens when the glitz and the celebrations get over? You gradually settle in a new house which is yours and your sex life is on a swing. But one change post marriage that bothers a lot of women is weight gain.

    A study claims that about 65% of the women in India gain weight post marriage. But why is it so? Here are few of the reasons you might be gaining weight:

    • All those invitations from parties where you go as newly-weds make you binge on not so healthy food in a very short period of time.
    • You suddenly lose your fitness routine as you get involved in a new relationship. You stop hitting the gym.
    • A sense of security of a new, happy relationship make you gain a few pounds
    • Stress of managing a new household, new family makes you stress-eat.
    • If you are not a working woman, sedentary lifestyle can make you gain weight
    • If you have doting in-laws, they might just feed you and feed you and feed you non-stop out of love. Ugh!
    • Self-neglect and a careless attitude towards oneself.
    • While sex does not make you fat but binge-eating post that does.

    While we all know that complaining is silly, so you either act or forget. If you are really freaked about this weight gain, you can follow these tips:

    • Make a checklist of things to do once you settle in your marriage and keep hitting the gym in top three of that. Follow it religiously.
    • Take your husband to exercise in the gym with you. Company motivates.
    • If at home, avoid fried foods and consume loads of water, salad and detox water. Practice yoga.
    • Learn to say no if you don’t want to eat something. Leave that embarrassment and coyness. 
    • Always prioritize yourself along with your husband and new family. Never compromise on your health and achieve targets set.

    While it is okay to gain a few pounds, keep a check on over-gaining and learn where to draw the line. Consult a nutritionist if you are totally freaked out with your gaining pounds.

    Stay fit!

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