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    Can First Year Be Hardest for Newly Wed Couples?

    Congratulations! You are married now. You both are now chained together. Sounds great, isn't it? Marriage is the most magical and happiest day of our lives but comes with the bond that you will now be facing a lifetime with the person next to you. Everything is sparkles and glitter till the honeymoon. After that, when you begin the journey together, there are various things that you’ll realize are a bit contrary in married life. Married people know that a relationship can hit rough patches at any point in time. And, when we talk about the first year of the marriage, it includes a lot of challenges.

    Do you know, according to research, the first two years of marriage can make or break the relationship? And it is well-said as we are adjusting with the other person, thinking about their needs first and trying to make them happy. This is the reason, why it isn't uncommon that newlyweds face a lot of challenges during the first year of marriage. Here are some of the surprising shake-ups that you need to take care of to make your relationship happy going:

    1. Time management and schedules: A newly married couple expect to spend more and more time together, but it isn't always the scenario. Due to work and other sorts of things, spending time together is less possible. And, this may cause your better half to become too clingy. To overcome this, you have to set realistic expectations that work for both of you.
    2. Intimacy: The intimacy between you two may suffer. Marriage isn't all about the romance, there are lot more responsibilities that come once you are married. However, the most important thing is to find the time for intimacy. If nothing, have a date night once in a week. 
    3. Not enjoying sex: Having sex and enjoying sex are two different things. Being newly married, you might want to have sex every hour, but is your spouse enjoying it? Remember that sex is something that should be enjoyed, so do things that could ensure you both enjoy sex.

    Being married means building a relationship together. And, this requires respecting each other. You can focus on appreciating the things that your spouse love. Be Happy!

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