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    10 Reasons You Should Do Prenatal Yoga

    Pregnancy is a golden period in a woman’s life. During gestation, she experiences multiple shades of her life with her baby. These 9 months bring a flood of changes in a woman’s body in terms of physical, psychological, and hormonal alterations.

    Yoga could be the solution to these disturbances. It helps you to bear pregnancy pain and discomfort quite smoothly. Let’s focus on the benefits of doing prenatal yoga.

    Strengthen your muscles: Doing yoga poses will help your muscles to relax. It provides the strength to carry new life in the womb. The key focus is laid upon the muscles of the leg, back, hips, and pelvic floor to hold the altering pressure of increasing body weight.[1] 

    Reduce psychological pressure: Spending time doing yoga eventually uplifts your mood. It helps your body to produce more happy hormones like relaxin, adrenaline, epinephrine, etc. These hormones fight against stress, anger, and anxiety, and shape a child into a happy soul.

    Provides flexibility:   Your muscles become more flexible after practicing yoga on a regular basis. Flexibility will tend to eradicate physical complications and your womb can carry the baby smoothly. Bending, and stretching becomes easy to demolish muscle tenderness.

    Boost the immunity: Healthy body handover a healthy child into this world. And yoga can help you grow the healthy baby you are giving birth to. It elevates the body’s stamina to fight against pathogens or any disease.

    Ensures proper digestion: Body movements ease the digestion process. Your body can imbibe all the nutrients from your diet so effectively. This will lead to proper assimilation and absorption of the digested food.

    Help in baby’s growth and development: Proper digestion and absorption stimulate the body to transfer all the essential nutrients to the baby through the placenta. Yoga also initiates the transfer of happy hormones to the baby. This will help in the physical, psychological, and cognitive growth of your baby.

    Enhance blood circulation: Proper body movements directs the circulation of blood to every corner of your body. Yoga can protect you from cardiac stress and reduce pressure from the circulatory system.

    Make the body fit to adapt to changes:  Muscular stability, flexibility, and strength are key factors to help you deal with changes. Your body can renovate its aspects as per the needs and the situation occurring in the prenatal period.

    Easy delivery: Yoga poses relax the muscles of your pelvic and genital floor and provide flexibility. This will help the muscles to contract and relax smoothly at the time of delivery.[2] 

    Reduce chances of miscarriage: Psychological stress, cardiac pressure, and improper nutrient absorption can become the cause of uneven pregnancy and miscarriage. Doing yoga will reduce these chances to many folds.

    The bottom line

    Prenatal yoga is of great significance. It helps you to carry the pregnancy with full joy and enthusiasm. It makes your body to adapt the current and upcoming changes. Be wise to start practicing prenatal yoga. You may consult a yoga expert to get a customized yoga plan. It will make your journey more beautiful and full of unexplained emotions.


     [1]During pregnancy, the muscles are already relaxed (progesterone + relaxin hormone). P. yoga improves muscle tone.

     [2]Suggest to replace Easy delivery from - Prepare for normal and smooth delivery

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