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    Second Time Around: Pregnancy Journey of a Second Time Mom

    The beautiful feeling of life stirring inside your body cannot be explained in words.

    The first time your test kit shows 2 pink lines, the joy is immense. The joy of being a mother is a blessing from the heavens above. But are all these feelings same for the second time moms too?

    First time everything is new and you don’t know what to expect but after that you know what all will come your way.

    So here I am sharing my second pregnancy journey with you all. My first pregnancy happened in the year 2012- 2013. I was a young girl and super elated by this new development in my life. I took extreme care of myself and never did a thing out of line. I was extremely particular about my meals, my supplements, my yoga regime, my skincare routine etc but this time around I was more relaxed. I was more easy going and with a 5 year old around I hardly got the rest that my body demanded. We had her school, her studies, her playtime and her activities to keep me on my feet all the time. I was tired and exhausted all the time and yet satisfyingly happy.

    Apart from all these emotions that I was feeling, I was nervous the most. So much so, that I was overwhelmed with emotions. Dreading about the painful childbirth, postpartum healing, sleepless nights, soiled nappies and so on. I was worried about stretch marks and even more about the weight gain.

    Though, I wanted to have a baby more than anything else, trust me, those two pink lines for the second time made me nervous. It took me almost a week to let that feeling sink in and then there was no looking back. And now in my 40th week, when my patience level is beginning to lessen day by day, I am still thankful that I got to experience this beautiful journey once again.

    This was my honest confession of being pregnant for the second time. I will share more detailed changes that my body went through this time. Come back to read it. 

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