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    Best Yoga Poses to Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy

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    Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride during which you experience multiple emotions, alterations, uneasiness, and much more. But all these changes and emotions are so beautiful and left amazing footprints in your life. A woman turned out to be more caring, loving, and giving.

    A woman might suffer from numerous discomforts while having a baby. It can be back pain, varicose veins, swelling, morning sickness, etc. But she bears it all with patience.

    Discomfort-like sore backaches can be cured with yoga itself. As it includes both stretching and strengthening activities. Through this article, you are going to know about those yoga poses that might help you relieve back pain. These are as follows:

    Forward bending (Uttanasana): This pose will relieve lower back tension. Simply, spread your feet slightly wider than shoulder length. Stand straight and then move forward slowly touching the knees with your head. The muscles become flexible to adapt to the changes.

    Cat-Cow pose: Practising this stretch will strengthen the muscles of your lower back. It helps in elevating spinal mobility and enhances blood circulation in that particular region. The spinal fluid circulating there will lubricate the joints and ease the back issues.

    Half Pigeon stretch: This may also be named as seated piriformis stretch. As, in simple terms, the piriformis is a small muscle that may spasm during your pregnancy. And this muscle is closely associated with the sciatic nerve. Relaxing this nerve will automatically switch off the backache.

    Child’s pose: This yoga pose involves bending downward with bent knees touching the ground. The major stretch is laid upon the muscles of the hips, thighs, and lower back. During bending your stretch, the muscles of the spine relieve the tightness. And muscular tone improved to bear the increasing weight of the body without pain to the muscles.

    Low lunges: It is a great way to stretch your hip flexors. These flexors originate in the lower back. And if too tight then might be the reason for back ache. You can stretch one of your legs leaving the other leg touching the ground to take a low lunge position. Keep your hands on the floor or may also take cubical props to support the position of your hand.

    The takeaway

    To cover this roller coaster ride of pregnancy yoga could be of great advantage. The changes a body undergoes can be controlled and provides a great relief

    Back pain can cause great discomfort if persist during the gestational stage. Yoga helps a woman to bear the changes smoothly and prepares the body to adopt those changes of pregnancy. It relieves pressure from the spinal cord to make it more flexible. The spinal fluid circulating there eases the movement of the spinal cord to relieve back pain.

    You are suggested to grab the miraculous benefits of yoga to relieve back pain. You may also book yoga sessions with our yoga experts to get customized yoga poses as per your need and requirement. Also, you are guided to practice all the poses under supervision or with help of your partner.

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