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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week

    Stage Details

    Now as you enter into 33rd week of your pregnancy, there will be increase in number and strength of your baby’s kicks .Also, the head circumference will increase in this week as brain development scale up in 33rd week. 

    Pregnancy Symptoms  

    You are closing now to the completion of your pregnancy, and may experience following late-pregnancy signs and discomforts:  

    • Hot and energetic: Due to rapid rise in metabolic rate, you may suddenly start feeling hotter and more energetic. The activities that usually made you feel tired will become fine for you. But then also, do not overindulge in any activity and stay relaxed.

    Exercise and physical activity 

    Exercise, walk and yoga is very important during pregnancy and should be continued for as long as possible. Also, now you must start practicing some deep breathing and relaxation techniques in a way to prepare yourself for labor and birth of your baby. You might be feeling tired and exhausted a lot of time. Try to keep yourself as active as possible. Swimming helps to-be-moms, as it relaxes you while indulging your body into a bit of exercise all while being supported by the water and feeling weightless. Do everything in limit and do not exhaust yourself with any exercise.  

    Things to do this week 

    • Start packing your hospital bag. This is the most apt time to do it.  
    • Do everything within your comfort level and do not exert yourself.  
    • Eat healthily, sleep well and stay active.  
    • Intake of Vitamin B2 or riboflavin helps your body produce energy which is very important during this week of pregnancy. So, include food in your diet like VEG: milk, meat, nuts, dairy products, green leafy vegetables, and whole grain and enriched cereals and bread & non-veg: eggs, fish, meats etc.