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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Details

    Hey Mom-to-be, many congratulations and all the very best for the upcoming glorious days. Anytime now, you can go into the labor and experience painful uterine contractions. These contractions force your grown up baby to come out of your womb. The body of your baby will now come in engage position, with head down and ready to come out of the womb. But in some cases, engagement is challenging e.g. in breech position the feet of the baby is down facing, also in transverse position where the baby is lying sideways.  Waiting for the big day to arrive? Spare out some time and massage your perineum with the help of your partner. 


    Pregnancy Symptoms

    You are closing now to the completion of your pregnancy, and may experience following late-pregnancy signs and discomforts:  

    • Increase in vaginal discharge: With days coming close to the delivery, there is increased blood circulation to the reproductive organs, including vagina. This may cause an increase in vaginal discharge.  
    • Increase in the intensity of Braxton hicks contractions: You might experience increased frequency and intensity of contractions that can be similar to normal labor. Keep a check on these contractions and pain and do visit a doctor if these remain for long and do not go away on their own.  The babies born before or on 37 week of pregnancy are called premature or preterm babies. These babies though have grown well but have not completed their full term in mother’s womb, so need extra medical care. 

    Exercise and physical activity 

    • Try sleeping on your left side as helps in enhancing circulation. Elevate your legs by putting a pillow under your feet. These both positions will bring relief and make you active as they enhance the blood flow.  
    • Leg cramps might make your nights miserable, it is advisable to ensure more fluid in your daily intake specially during day time. 
    • Few exercises like Squatting and few pranayamas under the supervision of a yoga expert might help in labor. 

    Things to do this week

    • Munch on almonds for the heartburn and to get required magnesium.  
    • Try sleeping on your left side for better circulation.  
    • Eat healthily, sleep well and stay active 
    • Stay alert and consult your doctor if there is anything unusual.  
    • Get plenty of calcium, iron, and protein to help your baby develop.