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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Details

    Now after crossing the half way, your excitement must have doubled. You must be counting days and waiting desperately to hold your baby in your hands. Keep the excitement up and enjoy every moment. You can feel your baby's movements more elaborately now. This is called Quickening. Baby might get the hiccups in your womb, but there is nothing to worry. The best part of this phase is that from now onwards, the heartbeat of your baby becomes audible enough and can be heard through stethoscope. Your husband can try to hear them.  

    Pregnancy Symptoms  

    While your excitement is at its peak, there can be few symptoms too that you might experience like:  

    • Backache: Your back may become more and more painful till the full term. This is majorly because uterus is changing the center of gravity. Try some warm compresses and you may feel better. skin tone may differ now, and this is irrespective of the weather.  
    • Breast leakage: There can be leakage from breast as you progress in your pregnancy. This is majorly because of the hormonal changes and your breast is also getting ready to feed the baby.  
    • Braxton hicks contraction: Due to occasional tightening of uterus, there can be some contractions that somewhat feel like labor pains. But these contractions go away on switching the positions. But in case the pain or contractions don’t stop, consult your doctor immediately.  

    Exercise and physical activity

    • Pregnancy can make simple movements feel uncomfortable. So, it is very important to find out your comfort level and do not try to stretch it in any way. ​Find out how to sit and stand up without hurting your joints and womb.  
    • While sitting make sure to cushion your back.  
    • Sitting with a slumped posture can be painful . 
    • Do mild exercises, walk and yoga to stay active.      

    Things to do this week

    • Get comfortable cushions and pillows for sitting.  
    • Keep yourself clean especially if you have leaking boobs.  
    • Try warm compresses or light massage for backache 
    • Intake of phosphorus is important for muscle movement, blood clotting, kidney & nerve function, as well as for tissue and cell repair. So, take phosphorous rich foods like milk, yogurt, lentils, almonds, peanuts, whole wheat bread, salmon, eggs etc.