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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Details

    So finally! your baby is almost grown. The skin of your baby appears to be thin with pink hue due to development of thin blood vessels below the skin. Your baby is now gaining more fat and hair too and is almost the size of a cauliflower.


    Pregnancy Symptoms

    • Frequent urination: Due to ever increasing size of uterus, it is constantly increasing pressure over bladder, causing an increased frequency of urination. Although it is normal, but it can be a sign of urinary tract infection. So, stay alert and consult your doctor if there is anything unusual.  
    • Bloating & gas: You may feel extremely bloated or constantly gaseous as pregnancy hormones reduces gut movements. Eat light and small meals to prevent gas.  
    • Pregnancy Insomnia or difficulty in sleeping: As your bump grows, it puts pressure on almost all the organs in the mid part of your body like lungs, abdomen, intestines etc. So, there can be increased discomfort while sleeping and you might not be able to sleep properly.  

    Exercise and physical activity: 

     Some activities like basketball, hot yoga, downhill skiing, horseback riding and scuba diving, aren’t safe during pregnancy and should be avoided if you are pregnant. Keep doing your pelvic floor exercises ,especially if you are suffering from urine leakage. 

    Things to do this week

    • Schedule an appointment with your doctor for screening of gestational diabetes 
    • Get in touch with your office HR and know about your maternity leaves 
    • Eat light and small meals to prevent gas.  
    • Stay alert and consult your doctor if there is anything unusual 
    • Include mangnesium rich foods like brown rice, oatmeal, spinach, pineapple, almonds, whole wheat bread, peanuts, legumes, carrots, broccoli, whole grains, bananas, raisins etc. in your diet.