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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week

    Stage Details

    Your baby is now the size of an eggplant and is growing with each passing day. Your baby can now hear your voice as the ear bones become hard. Although the lungs of your baby are not ready, but the baby is getting the oxygen from you (through mother) via placenta and this will remain till delivery. The amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby is completely refreshed in every 3-4 hrs and protects the baby from any kind of infection.


    Pregnancy Symptoms  

    Now as the days pass, there can be more of discomfort that can cause some symptoms like:

    • Growing bump: Enjoy your growing bump as your baby grows inside your bump. This is a very joyful moment to actually get into the shape of being pregnant.  
    • Bleeding and swollen gums: This might come as unexpected but due to increased blood flow and pregnancy hormones, you may experience bleeding of gums. Visit your dentist and get it solved if it troubles you a lot.  
    • Swollen ankles and feet: Although there can be some swelling of your feet and ankles due to growing weight and increased blood circulation, but if there is extreme swelling, it is better to consult your doctor.  

    Exercise and physical activity

    In this week of pregnancy, you feel like struggling pregnancy symptom- insomnia. Try some mild exercises, brisk walk and yoga to keep yourself active. Just don’t get panic, if it is tough to sleep, experiment natural remedies such as meditation, mild exercises during the day to wear yourself out by bedtime. 

    Some activities to do during this week

    Brisk Walk: Walking is safe during this week and throughout the pregnancy. 


    • Find out a comfortable corner that is away from the hustle bustle. 
    • The best way to attain transparency is by selecting the perfect environment. 
    • Focus on your breathing to become active and fresh 
    • Meditation will help you out to become stronger from inside.

    Things to do this week

    • Drink lots of water and other fluids 
    • You might be feeling movement in your bump now!  
    • Intake of sodium helps to regulate the body’s fluid, temperature and pH levels. So, include sodium rich foods like VEG: Vegetables, milk, plain yogurt, fruit, grains, unsalted nuts & Non veg: eggs, poultry, fish etc.