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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week

    Stage Details

    Congratulations and soon there will be time for celebrations! Huh!! Wow, your D-Day is coming up closer and closer and your excitement must be on top. Baby's bones (except skull bone) continue to grow and ossification center starts appearing. Also, the essential skills like sucking, swallowing, are getting stronger by 32nd week.  

    Pregnancy Symptoms 

    On entering 32nd week of pregnancy, you can probably experience some of the most joyful late-pregnancy signs and few discomforts like:  

    • Baby movements: I’m sure you must have been waiting for the time when you could actually feel your baby inside your womb. Here comes that golden period of your pregnancy. So, just lie down, relax and observe your baby movements like small but powerful kicks (you can actually count them), rolls, other movements etc.  
    • Increase in frequency of Braxton & hick’s contractions: There can be an increased frequency of uterine contractions, mainly due to its enlarged size. But just keep a watch on these contractions and report to your doctor immediately if these become strong and stay for longer.  
    • Dark nipples: You are going to feed your baby soon after birth. So, your body now starts more vigorous preparations for these upcoming events. As a part of this, your nipples are getting darker and bigger to facilitate breast feeding.  

    Exercise and physical activity 

    • Now you must start practicing some deep breathing and relaxation techniques in a way to prepare yourself for labor and birth of your baby. You might be feeling tired and exhausted. Try to keep yourself as active as possible. 
    • Swimming is brilliant exercise for to-be-moms as it relaxes you while indulging your body into a bit of exercise all while being supported by the water and feeling weightless. Do everything in limit and do not exhaust yourself with any exercise. 


    Things to do this week

    • Ensure to connect with a child birth educator who will help you to prepare for labor and delivery, breastfeeding and new born parenting. 
    • Start seeing your gynecologist every two weeks from 32nd week of pregnancy.  
    • If you notice your baby is moving less or there is a change in the pattern of movement, it could be the first sign that your baby is unwell .Ensure kick counter. Contact your gynecologist immediately.  
    • Intake of choline is vital for fetal brain development specifically the memory center of the brain. So, include chlorine rich foods in your diet like, veg: broccoli, cauliflower & Non-veg like eggs, lean, salmon, chicken, etc.