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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Details 

    Wow! You must be amazed and excited for the upcoming days. Why not??? You are entering an altogether new phase of your life. So, this excitement is worth it. With each week, you are approaching the day when your baby will be in your arms. As you enter 30th week of pregnancy, your baby's bone start producing red blood cells. The soft skin hairs called lanugo starts reducing because brain and body fat will take over the role of temperature regulation.  

    Pregnancy Symptoms  

    On entering 30th week of pregnancy, you can probably experience some of the late-pregnancy 

    discomforts like:  

    • Heartburn: This must be one of the symptoms that started during the early days of your pregnancy. Well this is sometimes also the symptom that stays till the last days of pregnancy. But do not worry, this will go soon and you can enjoy your meals. 
    • Migraine: Some pregnant women complaint of migraine or headaches. This is majorly because of the hormonal changes and may go soon after delivery.  

    Exercise and physical activity

    By this time, you must start preparing your body for labor. So, start practicing some deep breathing and relaxation techniques , meditation and yoga in a way to prepare yourself for labor and birth of your baby. Get connect with child birth educator for immense knowledge for the same.


    Things to do this week 

    • Put away the heels! Prevent falls by wearing flats and watching your steps. 
    • Get a massage and pamper yourself in every possible way.  
    • Start breathing and relaxation techniques by consulting child birth educator.  
    • Stay alert and consult your doctor if there is anything unusual 
    • If feel extremely tired even after mild work, and this tiredness is accompanied by other symptoms such as weakness, breathlessness or fainting you could be suffering from iron-deficiency anemia. So, tell your doctor or nutritionist and get iron rich foods or supplements.