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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Details

    By 15th week of pregnancy, your baby could be growing some soft hair on the body called lanugo. Don’t worry, these are just temporary hair and will vanish after birth. Now, the eyebrows are filling in and head is also having hair growth (though the color may not be determined until birth).  

    Pregnancy Symptoms

    • Increase Breast Size: With growing baby, your breast size is also increasing, and areola is going to become darker. 
    •  Mild Swelling: There can be mild swelling in the legs or hands that will go away on its own. But if it persists, do consult your doctor.


    Exercise and physical activity

    Exercise and being physically active is very important during whole pregnancy.Most guidelines suggest 30 minutes of exercise daily, five days per week. Pregnant women who have not been regular exercising may begin with 10 min of exercise and gradually progress . 



    Guidelines suggest following yoga postures under the guidance of yoga expert . 

    •  Tadasana  
    • Vrikshasana 

    Things to do this week

    •  You must be visiting to doctor on regular antenatal checks. If you are genetic screen positive in first trimester screening, your doctor may recommend some more genetic screening test. A genetic counsellor advocates by awareness, education and interpretation of the genetic test results. 
    • With your second trimester comes a burst of energy. Take advantage! Get your (light to moderate) exercise on to lower your risk of gestational diabetes. Try prenatal massage to get rid of pain and swelling. 
    • Intake of vitamin B1 plays a critical role in baby’s brain development and also helps you and baby convert carbs into energy. So, do not forget to include foods rich in vitamin B1 in your diet like Veg: brewer’s yeast, legumes, milk, nuts, oats, oranges, rice, seeds, wheat, whole-grain cereals, yeast & Non-veg: Beef, pork.