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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Details 

    As you enter 29th week of pregnancy, your baby’s skin is appearing smooth and shiny because of increased fat collection below the skin. Vernix caseosa starts decreasing, as the soft hair has 

    covered the skin. 

    Pregnancy Symptoms

    On entering 29th week of pregnancy, you can probably experience some of the late-pregnancy 

    discomforts like:  

    • Pregnancy mask: You may have stretch marks on stomach, breasts and other body areas. These are due to stretching of skin to accommodate baby. In addition to this, you may have hyperpigmentation & darkening of skin, chloasma and melasma.  
    • Itchy belly or skin rash: Due to stretching of skin, you can have itchy skin rash. Apply a good moisturizer to soothe the skin and drink lots of water.  Frequent urination: Due to increased pressure of uterus on bladder, there will be increase in frequency of urination.  

    Exercise and physical activity: 

    To help relieve any discomfort caused by shortness of breath and heartburn, try sleeping propped up with pillows and eating smaller, more frequent meals. Keep up your pelvic floor exercises to build up the pelvic floor muscle. Do everything in limit and do not exhaust yourself with any exercise. 

    Things to do this week

    • If you’re suffering from back pain, visit a physiotherapist 
    • Try sleeping propped up with pillows 
    • Use a good moisturizer and anti-stretch marks cream 
    • Stay alert and consult your doctor if there is anything unusual 
    • Know about some stress busters: Get a massage, write in a journal, or simply listen to your favorite music while resting. 
    • Intake of Vitamin B5 plays an important role in the synthesis of vitamins, amino acids. So, include food in your diet like VEG: Peas, beans, broccoli, avocados, whole grains, cereals, sunflower seeds & Non-veg: lean meat, poultry, fish, milk, etc.