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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Details 

    Congratulations soon-to-be-mom. You are very close to your days of labor and it can come anytime. You have reached a full term. Your baby is now ready to make debut! Baby born between 38-40th week of pregnancy is full term baby. Healthy term baby normally weighs 2.6 to 4 kg in India.  

    Pregnancy Symptoms  

    You are closing now to the completion of your pregnancy, and may experience following: 

    • Labor symptoms: You now need to keep a very close watch on labor symptoms like release of mucus plug, release of water, intense contractions with cervical dilations.  Feeling pains that shoot from your vagina down your legs? Don't worry, that's just "lightning crotch" caused by your baby pressing on pelvic nerves. Lovely! Do some mild exercises and rest for a while.


    Exercise and physical activity 

    Exercise, walk and yoga is very important during pregnancy and should be continued for as long as possible. Continue practicing deep breathing and relaxation techniques Do some pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the muscles which support your bladder.  Do everything in limit and do not exhaust yourself with any exercise.  Take it easy, mom! Your body is working overtime to support the full-grown human in your womb. Nap whenever you can!


    Things to do this week

    • It’s time to revise your child birth classes and plan your labor.  
    • Attend lactation counselling sessions. 
    • Drink lots of water . 
    • Do everything within your comfort level and do not exert yourself.  
    • Eat healthily, sleep well and stay active.  
    • Stay alert and consult your doctor if there is anything unusual.  
    • Get plenty of calcium, iron, and protein to help your baby develop.  
    • Just relax and smile.