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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Detail 

    Two months have crossed and now you must have soaked in this great feeling of being pregnant. Your little one is also enjoying inside your womb and growing and developing every day. Now a thin membrane has formed between mother’s and baby’s blood within the placenta to help in exchange of nutrients. Also, ridges for tiny fingers and toes of your baby have developed now, and heart is beating at 160 beats per minute.  

    Pregnancy Symptoms 

    As your pregnancy will progress, there will be few changes in your body. These changes will cause some more symptoms while subsiding few previous symptoms. In the eighth week of pregnancy you may experience following symptoms:  

    • Craving for food: Just like mood swings, you may have food cravings too. Interestingly the cravings can be for those foods that you may have not liked too much before. This can be for chocolates, chips, rice or anything. Just enjoy and eat whatever you want. This is the most fantastic feeling of being pregnant. Enjoy it.  
    • Fatigue: More or less, fatigue is not going to leave you now. It may go and come, and you can have some sudden bouts of energy but soon you will feel tired and restless. This is absolutely normal. Just give your body some extra rest in the afternoon and take a short power nap.  
    • Acne: Due to hormonal changes, some pregnant woman complains of acne. This is just periodic acne and will go as your pregnancy passes and hormones come back to their normal levels. Ensure hygiene ,drink lot of water and stay away from fried foods.  
    • Dry skin: Your skin may feel dry, itchy, stretched and extremely rough at sometimes. Give a good care through massage via body lotions, oils etc  every day and let the pregnancy glow come out.  

    Exercise and Physical Activity: 

    Continue your daily walk, exercise and other activities. During this week, you can try stationary cycling to improve leg muscle strength. But don’t over exert yourself by doing work that involves lifting, carrying or moving heavy loads.  

    Things to do this week  

    • Buy a good moisturizer to ease dryness and itchiness of skin 
    • Plan a visit to your doctor for antenatal screening tests 
    • Take plenty of sleep and let you body rest every few hours 
    • Indulge in healthy snacking like nuts 
    • Intake of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) is recommended for the development of baby. So, include foods like veg: walnuts, sweet potatoes, broccoli and Non-veg: salmon, tuna, fortified eggs in your diet.