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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week

    Stage Details 

    Congratulations!Now you must know that your baby is almost grown and is working on getting ready to survive in the outer world. The eyelashes and eyebrows of your baby are fully formed. The face of your baby is still white due to lack of pigmentation, but it will acquire a color soon.       


    Pregnancy Symptoms

    As you enter into 24th week of pregnancy, you will probably experience some of the late-pregnancy discomforts like:  

    • Hemorrhoids: Or generally known as piles is majorly because of constipation and pressure of uterus on intestines. If you are suffering from this, get it treated on priority.  
    • Sleeping discomfort: As your bump grows, it puts pressure on almost all the organs in the mid part of your body like lungs, abdomen, intestines etc. So, there can be increased discomfort while sleeping and you might not be able to sleep properly.  
    • Skin changes: Your skin may become dry, itchy, with fine lines or freckles. These are all due to pregnancy and in most women, these go after the pregnancy.  

    Exercise and physical activity

    Exercise, walk and yoga is very important during pregnancy. These will not only keep you active but will also help in easing down pregnancy symptoms like sleeping discomfort.  While sitting at home or office chair, do some ankle movements to help puffy ankles. 

    Things to do this week

    • Keep feet up when you get time. 
    • Take regular walks 
    • Drink lots of water and other fluids 
    • Try some prenatal foot massage or wear supportive & good quality footwear 
    • Intake of Vitamin E can help your body form and use red blood cells and muscles. It is also important for budding baby-to-be and reduces the chances of developing preeclampsia. So includevitamin E rich foods in your diet like VEG: Green, leafy veggies like spinach, fortified cereals, nuts, sunflower seeds & Non-veg: eggs etc.