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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Detail 

    With each passing day, your baby now is growing bigger and bigger. This is the time when your baby  spots for ear, nose, eyes appearing and umbilical cord is forming. By the time you enter your 7th week, the heart development of your baby begins, and it starts pumping blood in blood vessels. Also, the placenta and the amniotic sac is developed. Kidney also start their final stage of development and will soon manage the waste material of your baby.  

    Pregnancy Symptoms 

    Now you must have been used to the usual morning sickness and tiredness. But here are some more pregnancy symptoms waiting to show their effect on you like:  

    • Mood swings: The reason for your short temperedness, irritation and unusual behavior is just enjoying inside your body. Don’t be surprised if you are smiling at one moment while the other moment you are sad or stressed out. Just relax and let the pregnancy show its effects. All these go soon and you will have your little bundle of joy in your arms.  
    • Cramps and spotting: Although there can be very mild cramping or spotting during early pregnancy, but these should not be ignored and checked by an expert. Moreover, if you feel frequent cramping and bleeding, it can be a sign of emergency. So, keep a check on these symptoms and in every doubt, consult your doctor at the earliest. 


    Exercise and Physical Activity:

    Continue your daily walk, exercise and other activities. Staying active during pregnancy is most important for a healthy and normal pregnancy. In fact, if you are a working female, you should keep the routine of your work as usual and stay as active as you can. Also, try yoga and ask your teacher to include some pregnancy friendly postures into your routine. Go swimming this week for a perfect blood flow.


    Things to do this week: 

    • Go on your favorite time pass i.e. shopping. Shop for your pregnancy and buy some clothes, pregnancy books and some comfortable shoes.  
    • Engage in all the activities you enjoy most as you might not get enough time once the baby comes out. 
    • Do not forget to take care of your nutrition and supplements. 
    • Intake of Iodine is important for brain and nervous system development. Give your body its required daily amount of iodine (150-250 mcg) by taking foods like Veg: Plain yogurt, milk, creamed corn, cheddar cheese & Non-veg:- shrimp, egg, canned light tune, baked cod.