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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week

    Stage Detail 

    By now you must have shared the good news with your near ones and you all must be very excited to interact with baby. So be ready, your baby can hear you now as hearing is developed by this time. Baby will also start responding to your voice. The heart of your baby is fully developed now, and formation of eyelids and tiny tooth buds also starts by the end of this week. All the major organs of your baby like heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, and intestines are formed by now and are functional too but they are very tiny and will further grow as your pregnancy proceeds.  

    Pregnancy Symptoms 

    Some of the previous pregnancy symptoms may have subsided by now. But you may be feeling something new every day. You may now experience pregnancy symptoms like: 

    • Increased vaginal discharge: There can be increase in your vaginal discharge to protect the region from any infection. As a pregnant woman is more prone to infections, her body makes necessary preventions. This is just one such prevention and you should not worry about it.  
    • Blocked nose: Also, by the time pregnancy reaches its 10th week, there can be continuous blockage in nose due to swelling in the nasal passage. This will fade off with passing time. 

    Exercises and Physical activities

    Breathing exercises Now the real time of pregnancy has started, and you should be very cautious about your activities. There are activities that must be avoided during pregnancy like exercises that require advanced abdominal moves, hot yoga or exercise, unnecessary and frequent bending of back, jumping, bouncing or sudden jerky motions. In addition to these, you should not do any exercise or activity that require holding breath.


    Things to do this week

    • Avoid going to unhygienic areas or noisy places, as this may lead to infections or stress.  
    • Take care of your emotional well-being and do not let worries or stress consume you. 
    • Keep yourself hydrated as pregnancy increases temperature of your body and can cause dehydration 
    • Get your RH status under the supervision of your doctor 
    • Keep your protein levels high and consume foods rich in proteins like eggs, milk, cheese, lean meat, and pulses  
    • Intake of fiber help to prevent glucose intolerance and reduce risk of high blood pressure and preeclampsia. So, include lentils, black beans, lima beans, brown rice, broccoli, and peas etc. to get the required fiber.