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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Details

    With every passing week, your womb and your baby are growing in size. Looking at the mirror must be very satisfying and full of dreams. Your baby is excited too to come out of your womb. You would be surprised to know that the body of your baby is now completely covered with very fine hair called lanugo. These hairs will shed on their own after birth. Baby also begin to get into their sleeping patterns. They also start accumulating the body fat (brown fat) which ensure heat and energy as required.


    Pregnancy Symptoms

    Now as the days pass, there can be more of discomfort that can cause some symptoms like: 

    • Increased vaginal discharge: The blood flow to the uterus and other reproductive organs increases at this time, so some pregnant women experience an increase in vaginal discharge.  Increase sex drive: Due to increased ragging of hormones, you may experience an increased sexual desire. You can enjoy light sex without being overboard.   
    • Breathing difficulties: As the baby continues to exert pressure on your lungs, you may find it difficult to take deep breaths.  
    • Pelvic gridle pain: There can be pain in the pelvic girdle mainly because the hormones loosen your joints to prepare the body for birth.  

    Exercise and physical activity: 

    The most frequently asked question during mid-way pregnancy is that if running is safe or not? So, the answer is to be slow as your center of gravity is shifting, and your bump is growing larger, this may change your sense of balance, and leaves you vulnerable to slips and falls.  Try to run slowly in plain pavement to avoid any kind of causality. If you are not regular runner, then avoid doing it now .  

    Things to do this week 

    • Take a heating pad or try a prenatal massage, and/or sleep with a body pillow to ease the back pain. 
    • Do not take your workouts too far and be as light as possible.  
    • Take frequent breaks and don’t get exhausted.  
    • Buy some support stockings that will help to reduce leg swelling 
    • Intake of protein is responsible for creating baby's beautiful face and cute little body. So, take protein rich foods like VEG: milk, cheese, beans, nuts, yogurt & Non-veg: Meat, poultry, eggs etc.