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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Details

    Many congratulations and all the very best for the upcoming labor. Be prepared. Now as you enter into 34th week of your pregnancy, you will notice, a sharp increase in number and strength of your baby’s kicks. As the baby is getting bigger, the movements seem little different, but they will follow their usual pattern. Also, the fingernails of your baby are now growing up to the fingertips.


    Pregnancy Symptoms 

    You are closing now to the completion of your pregnancy, and may experience following late-pregnancy signs and discomforts:  

    • Carpel tunnel syndrome: Some women complaint of hand and wrist pain (carpel tunnel syndrome) as they enter the final days of your pregnancy. This is due to retention of water that leads to swelling and compress the nerves at wrist. If the pain is intolerable, consult a physiotherapist. 

    Other symptoms

    • Weight gain:This is one of the most noticeable pregnancy physical symptom. This weight gain is important for the development of your baby. Track your weight with weight gain tracker 

    Exercise and physical activity: 

    • You are not alone if your wrists and fingers feel achy, painful, or numb during final days of your pregnancy. Many pregnant women develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Some ways to avoid it: 
    • Do not over indulge your hands and wrist in any unnecessary activity.  
    • Avoid putting pressure on your wrist while standing up.  
    • If possible, avoid repetitive motions such as typing, writing, etc .or Use wrist band during works hours. 

    Things to do this week

    • Try shifting your sleeping position so that you're not putting any pressure on your hands or wrist..  
    • In case you are constantly working on the keyboard, take a break in between.  
    • Do everything within your comfort level and do not exert yourself.  
    • Eat healthily, sleep well and stay active.  
    • Ensure adequate calcium, iron, and protein intake.