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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Detail 

    So now you are near to completion of your first trimester of pregnancy. Just relax as the most sensitive period of the development is passed. All the body parts of the baby have been formed. The baby is now as big as a fig and weighs almost 14 grams. Finger nails and toe nails of baby’s hands and foot are forming, and little wrists and elbows can bend and move around.


    Pregnancy Symptoms 

    Everybody must be congratulating you for your visible little baby bump. So, you must be on cloud nine now, but some here and there symptoms of pregnancy keep on reminding you that this joy has some effects too. In this week you may experience following symptoms:  

    • Headaches: Headache may bother you time and again and is may be due to the lower blood sugar levels in the blood. Keep yourself hydrated and eat well. Include fresh fruits in your daily diet and eat small meals with healthy snacks.  
    • Gum bleeding: Your hormones may contribute to gum bleeding. You can take care by adequate intake of vitamin C levels and ensuring brush twice a day. But if these fail to give you any relief, a visit to the dentist may help you.  

    Exercise and Physical Activities 

    • Do some meditation and yoga under the expert supervision. 
    • Follow your routine of daily brisk walk.  
    • Avoid saunas or hot tubs because the body is unable to sweat properly and affects the baby as the body temperature rises.


    Things to do this week 

    • Buy a bra that will support your breast well. 
    • Take care of oral health as your hormones may contribute to gum bleeding. Regular brush and hygiene should be ensured.  
    • Maintain a healthy diet . 
    • Start planning budget or expenses for the upcoming events.  
    • Intake of Vitamin D helps in absorption of calcium which helps in baby bone building. So, take some sunlight and eat food rich in vitamin D like vitamin D-fortified milk and orange juice or canned sardines, egg yolk etc.