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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Details 

    A cheesy coating called vernix caseosa starts covering all over the body of baby and it protects the skin exposure to amniotic fluid. Also, if you are carrying a baby girl, her reproductive system is well developed by this time and if you are carrying a baby boy, his testicles have formed and is secreting testosterone.


    Pregnancy Symptoms 

    Now as you enter into 19th week of your pregnancy, you may experience:  

    • Swelling in feet and hands: There can be mild swelling in your hands and feet that is absolutely normal. But if you see sudden swelling, consult your doctor right away.  
    • Leg cramps: Cramps in legs can be due to dehydration, so stay hydrated and drink lots of fluids.  
    • Varicose veins: There can be visible blue or purple swollen veins mainly due to the extra pressure on your circulatory system. 
    • Emotional well being: There can be conflicting emotions during pregnancy which might be due to the pregnancy hormones 

    Exercise and Physical Activities:

    Exercise and doing some form of physical activity daily is very important during pregnancy. Do remember to do your pelvic floor exercises. Here is a step to step guide for pelvic floor exercises for home as well as work space: 

    Sit in a good posture in your office chair. Now exhale and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Hold this position for count of five to ten, and then release. Repeat this for at least ten times in a day. If you are not much aware of this exercise, then you can join some prenatal exercises sessions and learn the right way to do these exercises. 

    Things to do this week:-

    • Don’t forget your doctor visits and do all the scans or tests advised by her.  

    • Remove nail polish and avoid reapplying it as regular exposure to nail polish or acrylic nails during pregnancy can be harmful.

    • Rest frequently or whenever you feel exhausted. 

    • Intake of Vitamin B3 helps the body break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy. So, take vitamin B3 rich foods.

    VEG: peanuts, mushrooms, green peas                            

    Non-Veg: Tuna, grass fed beef etc.