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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Details

    Your baby’s nervous system continues to develop. By 16th week of pregnancy, the backbone of your baby becomes more stronger and baby will try to straighten the head and neck more. Also, facial expressions begin to appear.  

    Pregnancy Symptoms  

    By the time you reach 16th week in your pregnancy, you will observe faster growth of your hair and nails. Your hair becomes lustrous and thick. Thanks to the baby, you now got your dream 

    hair. But there are some symptoms that can trouble you like:  

    • Backaches: Due to pregnancy hormones and increasing size of uterus, you may experience some back ache. Ask your husband to give you a gentle massage while you lie on the side. Don’t lie on the tummy at anytime during the pregnancy.  
    • Glowing skin: As your hair become lustrous by this time, your skin might look radiant, too. Enjoy this pregnancy glow that does not require any makeup. Feel the glow and enjoy the compliments.  
    • Constipation: Due to pressure caused by growing uterus on your intestines, you might feel constipated and difficulty while passing the stool. Enrich your diet with fiber rich foods.


    Exercise and physical activity: 

    Try some low-impact exercises during this week to get relief from backache. Meditation and breathing can keep you active and happy. Sleep on your side and avoid lying on back for prolonged period. Also, avoid standing in one place for so long as it can reduce blood flow to your baby. Wearing the right workout clothes will keep you safe, and make you look (and feel) good too. 

    Things to do this week: 

    • Schedule a visit to your doctor and get all the tests done as advised by her.  
    • You should also sit and stand up cautiously to avoid any jerk to the tummy. 
    • Regularly stretch your body and do not sit for longer time.  
    • Load up your plate with fiber-rich foods and stay hydrated with lots of water to prevent constipation. 
    • Intake of zinc during pregnancy is important for cell growth and the creation of your little one’s own genetic makeup. So, fill your plate with foods rich in zinc like yogurt, cashews, baked beans, almonds, peanuts & Non veg: Lean beef, dark turkey meat, pork