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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Details 

    Did you notice, you have just completed 30 weeks of your pregnancy. you must have gone through various ups and downs in terms of pregnancy symptoms and their discomforts but trust me the outcome of all these is going to take your world to a new level. As you enter into 31st week of your pregnancy, all five senses of your baby are developed by now. Now it’s the real time for your baby to gain weight. Also, the arms and legs of your baby are now developed in proportion to the head and body.


    Pregnancy Symptoms

    On entering 31st week of pregnancy, you can probably experience some of the most joyful late-pregnancy signs and problematic discomforts like:  

    • Baby movements: I’m sure you must have been waiting for the time when you could actually feel your baby inside your womb. Here comes that golden period of your pregnancy. So, just lie down, relax and observe your baby movements like small but powerful kicks (you can actually count them), rolls, other movements etc.  
    • Shortness of breath: As you near the completion of your pregnancy, the weight of your baby increases, and the size of the uterus also becomes large. So, this large uterus puts more pressure on other organs, especially lungs. This may cause increased shortness of breath.  

    Exercise and physical activity 

    If you are experiencing indigestion or heartburn, then it is must to involve yourself in some physical activities to avoid it. Do everything in limit and do not exhaust yourself with any exercise. 


    Things to do this week

    • Sleep on an Incline: This will help you out in proper digestion and reduce heartburn.  
    • Stand up Straight: Don’t get bent while standing up as it may cause to acid reflux.  
    • Mild Exercises- this will help to reduce acid reflux. Just speak to your doctor about how much exercise you can handle. Even, slow paced walk can provide significant relief 
    • Avoid lying down while eating or right after eating. 
    • Avoid foods that can cause digestive discomfort like spicy, fatty or fried dishes and chocolate.  
    • Eat smaller and frequent meals.  
    • Include milk, yogurt, custard and cheese in your diet.  
    • If you notice sudden swelling over the ankle, along with changes in vision and headaches, these can be signs of preeclampsia, talk to your doctor immediately. Stay alert and consult your doctor if there is anything unusual