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    Your Pregnancy Week by Week


    Stage Detail 

    It’s amazing! Your baby is now as big as a pea. Heart of your baby is now changing from a single tube to a four chambered organ. Also, other vital organs like lungs, liver and kidneys have now taken their place and will slowly grow. The development of arms and legs in the form of buds have also started. Also, the tissues that will eventually become the cheeks, chin and jaw of your little baby start developing in this week.  

    Pregnancy Symptoms 

    As hormones have started their play inside your body, you will experience some or all of the following symptoms:  

    • Morning sickness: Welcomed in last week, this morning sickness will be with you for some more time. This can be empty stomach, while you brush or can be after eating or smelling anything. There is no fixed criteria as to what will cause morning sickness and what will not. So, take care of your tummy and try to eat healthy, non-fried and small meals.  
    • Frequent urination: You may have noticed an increase in your urine frequency in the last few days. This is because the growing uterus with baby inside is putting increased pressure on your bladder resulting in more peeing.  
    • Fatigue: Although fatigue can develop at any moment during pregnancy, but it is most common during early pregnancy. The high levels of hormone progesterone are responsible for this feeling of dizziness, tiredness and general feelings of exhaustion and sleepiness. Stay active and start some exercises in your daily routine if you haven’t done yet.  


    Exercise and Physical Activity

    Now that your pregnancy is confirmed, staying active during pregnancy is good but some postures and strenuous sports should be avoided. You should start a walk and exercise regularly to help avoid constipation. Also, avoid high risk abdominal exercises and exercises on your back.Avoid heavy lifting and working with chemicals. Try some old fashioned yoga viz Tadasna ( Palm Tree pose) and Marjari Asan (Cat stretch pose) but with utmost safety and under supervision of a yoga expert.  

    Things to do this week  

    • Your gyneocologist during antenatal visit will ensure your physical examination, ultrasound scan and few blood tests. 
    •  Take multivitamins or supplements as prescribed by your doctor to prevent various congenital deformities like neural tube defects.  
    • Wear a supportive bra, even at night to get relief from breast soreness.  
    • There are some drugs that are available over the counter but are not suitable during pregnancy. So, check the drugs safe during pregnancy.  
    • Drink plenty of water, sleep more and also eat a well-balanced diet rich in high-fiber foods, 
    • Intake of Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) is very important for the formation of red blood cell, nervous system function and DNA synthesis. So you should include following foods rich in vitamin B12:  Veg: Yogurt, Cheese, low fat milk, mushroom Non-veg: Salmon, Tuna, Beef, Trout.