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    Child Should Not Be Asked to Lies on Behalf of Parents

     Mrs. Sarika, my neighbour, was making her daughter write an essay on ‘Honesty is the best policy’. The conversation between the two was audible even outside the door (Well, I was not overhearing, just passing by and working, you know) I was out to collect the society fund so knocked on the door. After ringing three bells, her daughter came out and said “Mumma is not at home. Please come tomorrow” UH-OH! Lie, my!

    Often parents make their kids say such harmless lies thinking that these innocent lies do no damage to the developing character of a child. However, young minds are very quick in assimilating whatever they see. Children learn to lie over time following the footsteps of lying parents and are unable to distinguish right from wrong. They inculcate the fact that lying can make them get away with difficult situations and hence fibbing or lying is the easiest road to take.

    As a parent, do you think it is right to raise such kind of a morally corrupted individual? If no, then stop giving them the wrong education at home. There is no need to use them as tools to speak a white lie may be because you are stuck somewhere or may be because their innocent face makes the lie look genuine. Instead, encourage them to speak the truth and reward them if they do so.

    A child that learns to speak the truth at an early stage in life grows to be a morally competent, trustworthy individual. He understands that lies may be good in short-term cases but it is the truth that prevails and wins.  Honest individuals are always respected, believed and valued.

    The woodcutter won silver and gold axes for being honest. The prince who spoke the truth became the next king. Raise you child right. Foundations need to be strong. DO NOT make them lie on your behalf.


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