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    Gained Weight After Miscarriage? Here Are Tips to Reduce It

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    Miscarriages at any point can be stressful and disappointing. It is the most distressing thing that could happen in women's life. Rather than having serious health implications, its effects on the woman’s emotional and mental health. Women who went through a miscarriage, feel bouts of depression and mourning. They find it difficult to resume into normal life. With pregnancy loss, comes the problem of weight gain. Many women, trying to recover emotionally, go to a pregnancy dietitian for the help.

    Weight gain is a common thing that follows miscarriage and it can give you nightmares. And, if you wish to prevent gaining of the weight after miscarriage or lose those extra pounds that you already have, try following these tips.

    1. Nutritional Considerations: It is important to know what you are eating. Consider the nutritional value of the food that you are eating. This will not only help you to reduce weight after a pregnancy loss but will also gear up your body for a future pregnancy. Taking about 1,500 calories a day is beneficial as per the pregnancy dietitian. The diet must include fruit, a few cups of milk, vegetables, whole-grain foods, and healthy oils. Moreover, calcium intake is also important with micrograms of folic acid, and multi-vitamin.
    2. Adequate hydration: With proper intake of the food, keeping yourself hydrated is the must. Dehydration in the body enhances the extent of toxins inside and this hampers the functioning of the body parts. And, it speeds up the rate of fat accumulation in the body. To ensure this, keep the body well hydrated. Include fruit juice in your diet with drinking an adequate amount of water daily.
    3. Exercising: Exercising is one of the best ways to lose weight, and keep your body and mind relaxed. Don't do strenuous workouts, be slow and steady, and begin by doing moderate walks, cycling or swimming.
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