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    Value to Be Given- Breastfeeding

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    Throughout pregnancy, everyone around focuses on healthy diets for mom and baby, hospital bags, delivery advices, maternity wear etc. Few focus on getting the mother ready to breastfeed the baby.

    After all the pregnancy tantrums, cravings, labor and delivery finally... Oops there's no such word called "finally" now. I won't be giving false consolations here. It's not over with delivery, the journey has just begun. And know that you are strong enough to face everything.

    Breastfeeding is THE MOST challenging task in a mother's life. While facing the after-effects of giving birth to your precious pie, while still being in the hospital without being able to get out of your bed without support, you need to tackle with this new concept in your motherhood journey for the well-being of your baby.

    Yes, it is advisable to start feeding once your baby is born & is handed over to you as there are many advantages of breastfeeding. And it's not going to be easy, especially the first time. Your body has already produced mammary glands while you were pregnant, but now you need to learn how to ooze out milk from your breasts and it is going to be painful. Your nurse & doctor will be helping you out and you need to be patient with the pain. Once, you start oozing out milk and your baby learns to suck (which will happen instantly, as they are God-gifted), it will get easier slowly.

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