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    Worried About Your Baby's Sleep? We Will Get You Sorted!

    Being a mother, you may be struggling with your infant's sleeping problems? A baby sleep pattern can drive us crazy. Well, you're not alone. This is the struggle of every parent. The sleep of a baby is a loaded issue, and this lets you wonder if you're doing something that causes your baby to wake frequently or sleep fitfully. Relax, it happens. Every mother goes with a tricky situation with their babies. Solving your baby’s sleep problems is really tough, but certainly, there are things which you could try to get him to sleep longer. In this blog, we have mentioned common sleep problems of babies and ways that will help to get your baby to sleep through the night.

    1. Not synchronized with the 24-hour day: Baby may not appreciate night time for sleeping. If this is the case, you're fighting an uphill battle. One of the tactics that you can use is to make your baby's ability to wake up at the same time each morning. Give baby exposure to the daylight. Also, you can involve your baby in few activities so that they stay awake during the daytime.
    2. Baby sleeps only after feeding: Well, this is this the common scenario. The perfect way to wean your baby away from this situation is by making the distance for the feeding from the start of sleep time.
    3. Only rocking in the cradle falls him asleep: This occurs due to a movement association that happens while rocking the cradle. This enables a baby to fall asleep quicker. The only solution is to let your baby learn to sleep gradually with minimal to no rocking.
    4. Crying and waking a lot: This happens a lot with babies when they are tired, hungry or uncomfortable. They wake up from the sleep and cries. One thing that could solve it is not letting a baby nap in mid-feed.
    5. Sleep Regression: In this case, the baby is ready for anything but bedtime. Make a baby bedtime routine and it can be done with the bath, the story and the cuddles. Also, sleep regression is temporary, once new abilities develop the baby sleeping patterns return to the baseline.
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