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    Nurturing Body Mind & Baby the Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

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    Yoga is also known by Ayurveda and Yoga Shastra as useful for being healthy. We will discuss the advantages or Benefits of prenatal yoga in maintaining good health for a mother and her baby. Before you begin practicing prenatal yoga, be familiar with its benefits precautions, and safety tips.

    What are the benefits of pregnancy yoga?

    Here are many advantages of Pregnancy yoga it helps in the development of the child, breathing system, mental centering focused, and encourages stretching. Research has also proved that Yoga for pregnant women is safe and Beneficial for the pregnant woman and her baby.

    Best 10 benefits of doing Prenatal Yoga that you must know:

    1.  Physical Fitness: Improves strength, flexibility, and endurance crucial for labor.

    2.  Pain Relief: Eases discomforts such as back pain and swollen joints.

    3.  Stress Reduction: Reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation through breathing techniques.

    4.  Good Sleep: build sleep quality and fight pregnancy-related insomnia.

    5.  Blood Circulation: Enhances circulation, aiding in nutrient delivery to the baby

    6.  Posture Improvement: Promotes proper alignment, reducing strain on the body.

    7.  Pelvic Floor Strength: Strengthens pelvic muscles, aiding in childbirth and postpartum recovery.

    8.  Bonding: Fosters a deep connection with the baby through mindful movement and meditation.

    9.  Emotional Balance: Alleviates mood swings and promotes emotional stability.

    10. Community Support: Provides a supportive environment to connect with other expecting mothers.

    When should we do pregnancy yoga?

    Pregnancy yoga is generally safe and beneficial throughout most stages of pregnancy. However, If you don’t have any unusual health issues, you can start prenatal yoga a few days after conception, especially the meditation or breathing exercises. During the first 3 months of gestation: It is important to practice yoga and exercise safely and carefully (do not do yoga asanas which are specific to the lower body or arduous activities because of some crucial and delicate changes start taking place during this period). Most doctors allow pregnant women to start exercising from the 13 weeks of pregnancy to avoid any complication or miscarriage. Second trimester is generally considered to be the most suitable time to start yoga during pregnancy. Majority of women start feeling more energetic during this trimester, and their bodies have adjusted to the changes of pregnancy. 

    Safety Tips: there are some general safety tips to keep in mind while practicing pregnancy yoga:

    •  Consult your gynecologist before start
    •  Stay hydrated.
    • Avoid overheating. Practice in a well-ventilated room and wear comfortable clothing.
    • Avoid lying flat on your back for extended periods after the first trimester, as this can compress a major vein and restrict blood flow to the uterus.
    • Avoid deep twists and poses that put pressure on the abdomen.
    • Focus on gentle stretching, breathing techniques, and relaxation.

    Where to practice Yoga during pregnancy

    There are many ways to learn and adopt practicing prenatal yoga like recorded online courses, book etc. however since the health condition of every woman is different, a pregnant woman should consult with an experienced yoga trainer who can customized the program to accommodate individual needs and concerns. You can also join Prenatal Yoga Classes online, specially & uniquely crafted by Momkidcare experts providing individualized approach to customize the program based upon various health parameters like BMI, Hormonal challenges, body flexibility & complications.

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