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    Relationship Between Couples During Pregnancy

    Expecting a baby is one of the most beautiful phases of life for any couple. Tons of emotions go through and the excitement is there of inviting a new baby into their family. But honestly there is a drastic change which is happening in this process in the relationship due to pregnancy. The physical intimacy of a couple comes down and not only this more emotional anxieties and worries mount up that create turbulences both inside and outside. Yes, the woes of pregnancy create a potential to change the relationship dynamics between couples.

    The changes that went through in your body, and raging hormones shake the balance of husband and wife when it comes to up bring the relationship that they two have been sharing. Pregnancy can create a moment, where you may feel incredibly connected and the other moment, you can feel completely emotional. Sometimes, moms-to-be react in a different manner when husband is not able to meet the expectations in support and sensitivity.

    For a couple, pregnancy is huge chance in their relationship, and it is going to affect them mentally and physically. Also, in so many ways that they could never imagine. From physical changes like weight gain, anxiety and stress, there are going to be burdens of friends, family, and most importantly, your husband. It is quite common that pregnancy could affect your marriage and the bond with your partner with the arrival of the new one in the family. Sometimes, due to stress, anxiety and cravings, you may feel emotions running through, which may result in fights or arguments with your husband.

    We understand that a pregnancy can create emotional turmoil, which could affect your bond with your partner. So, the important is that you pay attention to any potential triggers that are turning things into an argument or a fight. This will also safeguard your baby’s well-being. More importantly, reconcile your differences and build a healthier stage to begin your new journey of parenthood.

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