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    Things to Consider Before Hiring a Japa

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    The initial one month after pregnancy is immensely laborious to the mother and requires intensive care for the baby. 

    A Japa service is when you hire a maid to look after both the mother and baby when the baby is just born. The period lasts between 30 - 45 days and at times also extends.


    Who is a Japa?

    If you're looking for the best maid for a baby, a Japa service is a good place to start.

    When a baby is just born, both the mother and the baby are in a vulnerable stage. Jhapa are not the same as regular household caretakers who provide regular household services. A Japa specializes in looking after the baby via traditional methods. 

    They do not hold a certification or diploma, but they are highly experienced maids in traditional ways. 

    Japa is highly recommended if you belong to a nuclear family and have no relatives or in-laws close to you to take care of you and the baby. Following are the services that Japa are experts at. 

    ●      Showering the baby

    ●      Baby massages

    ●      Washing the baby's clothes

    ●      Putting the baby to sleep

    ●      Assist in feeding the baby

    ●      Changing the diaper of the baby

    ●      Cleaning the baby's area

    ●      Keeping the baby safe from hazards

    ●      Massaging the mothers

    Things to Consider Before Hiring a Japa

    If you're looking for Japa Services in Delhi, there are certain things you must consider before hiring. Because if your husband is working and you and the baby are the maid's responsibility, you must be aware. 

    1. Terms and Conditions - Maids come with their own set of terms and conditions. There are lower chances that a Japa will provide services beyond taking care of the baby and mother, like cleaning, vacuuming, and others. So, if you need a complete household service and the main Japa service, check the terms and conditions

    2. CCTV Surveillance - If you're a working professional and cannot stay with the baby 24-hours in a day, it is important to build trust with the Japa. Also, install CCTV cameras at your residence that provide live streams of the occurrences at your home. This will allow you and your baby to be safe at all times.

    3. Reviews - If you've got the reference of a Japa through a friend or a relative, remember to take reviews on her work and behaviour with the newborn child. The Japa shouldn't work with an attitude that she's doing the work just for the sake of money. She must genuinely care for the child and consider the child as her own.

    4. Trustworthiness - Beware of theft. Various cases across India have shown that theft cases have been peaking post-lockdown periods by maids' hands. So, install safety and security in your home. If you keep cash and gold, ensure they're safely kept inside coded lockers. Install security cameras and inform your neighbours to keep an eye on the maids. 

    Final Words

    If you're looking for the best maid for your baby, a Japa is highly recommended. The traditional methods applied by them ensure the baby grows healthy and strong.

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