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    How to Fight Skin Problems During Pregnancy?

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    How to treat Itchy skin during pregnancy? 

    Mild Itching is common in pregnancy because of the increased blood supply to the skin. As the pregnancy progresses as the baby grow, the skin of abdomen is stretched, and this may feel itchy. Mild Itching is not usually harmful but it can be sometimes be a sign of a more serious issue.  

    So here’s how to get effective solution for this itchy condition. 

    Effective remedies to cure Itching during pregnancy:

    • Using cold compress. For this use a single ice pack and compress it on your itchy part, it is said to be soothing because of ice’s soothing properties. 
    • Using coconut oil. Coconut oil has the capacity to work through the skin cells that are dry and repairs them by providing them with fatty cells which reduces irritation. 
    • Using aloe Vera gel. The aloe plant is known for its magical benefits which includes soothing the skin, it’s anti inflammatory properties and hydrating qualities constituent gives moisture to the skin making it soft and smooth and itchy free

    Along with being itchy, skin can get rashes too which are normally known as the red tiny boils on the skin. 

    Rashes can be treated naturally at home with proper diet and by following these steps:

    • Drinking pure vegetables juice which can help detox and cleanse the body.
    • Soaking in oatmeal bath can reduce itchiness and it also moisturizes the skin just add oats in your bathtub or scrub oat on your body in the shower for at least 20 minutes. 

    Along with rashes, irritation women also suffer from dry skin during their third trimesters. 

    It’s common for women to have dry skin during pregnancy, breakouts acne tis happens because of the stretched skin and Hormonal change. Most women’s experience dry, flaky skin mainly in the stomach area but also on breast, thighs, arms etc. 

    By following some natural remedies you can achieve that hydrated skin:

    • Moisturize your skin daily. Moisturizing your skin daily is important as it eliminates the dry skin surface killing the dead cells and bring out new skin. 
    • Moisturizing your skin with natural products like coconut oil, raw honey, shea butter can bring out amazing results because these are natural hydrating and skin soothing products. 
    • Using yogurt or curd. Apply a thin layer of curd on your skin it will bring instant relief to itchiness also and get your skin all healthy and soft. Yogurt has cooling agents and it can be used as a cleanser also. It reduces the appearance of fine lines.

    Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to the body, like irritation, rashes, dry skin, but it can treat at home too. Just a few steps and done*

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