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    Father Guide- Ways to Connect with Your Kid

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    The mother carries the child for 9 months in her womb, nurtures the baby, undergoes labor pain or caesarean operation, gives birth, breastfeeds, carries in her arm, sings lullabies to make her sleep. So the mother-child bond is natural and strong even before the birth of the baby.

    But a father, even though, supports the mother at every step, is not always able to get that similar awesome bonding. 

    How a Father can develop connection with kids?

    Few easy tips for fathers to show their love, care and strengthen their bond with kids.

    • Give Oil Massage
    • Give bath
    • Do diaper changes
    • Eat with kids or feed them
    • Go for walk or shopping
    • Play with kids
    • Talk to them and respond to their cues
    • Activities like coloring or crafting
    • Read Bedtime Stories
    • Make them sleep

    Reading Bedtime stories is always recommended by experts to calm down the hyperactive baby and as the last step towards bedtime routine. Reading pleasant, family or animal or fairy or princess stories which have a smooth story line and a happy ending or a moral in it, convey a great message to kids’ innocent minds before they sleep..

    “Research shows when parents interact with kids, including reading, children learn much more than we expect.”

    Benefits of Reading Bedtime stories include:

    • Cultivating imagination
    • Develops communicaiton
    • Neurological connections between sounds and words
    • Higher brain activity
    • Develop logical skills
    • Building inner dictionary
    • Reduces stress
    • Social & emotional development
    • Habit of reading
    • Improve Listening Skills

    When kids are calm down and snugged up cosily in beds, reading bedtime stories relaxes their mind, reducing the stress. Memories of reading familiar books snuggling close with parents, becomes a part of their precious happy moments and benefits by comforting them even when parents are away or the child is facing some kind of emotional ups and downs. Story reading enhances baby’s oral communication skills – verbal or non-verbal, listening abilities, memory and language recognition skills. Reading books is an excellent way to strengthen and build up vocabulary, language learning, sentence formations etc.

    Make reading books fun, joy and exciting. Don’t forget to hug and snuggle them all the time while reading. In this way, they develop an intimate bond with fathers and books.

    Cuddling while reading makes them feel warm, safe and loved.

    Research shows, reading aloud with parents becomes a period of shared attention and emotion between child and parent. This reinforces reading a pleasurable activity

    Reading bedtime stories for kids is a great opportunity for fathers to create their special space in their tiny hands. They can always animate the story, use different emotions, expressions, sounds to narrate a story. Kids are going to love their night story-reading sessions and would wait whole day to go to bed with Dad.

    Spending time with kids are the best gifts the parents can ever give to them. A huge Pandora box of cherishable memories!

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